How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom -- P5-304-F10
(How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom -- P5-304-F10)

Facilitated by a veteran NYC teacher, How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom is designed to introduce teachers to strategies for using Internet resources to engage and support ALL students in learning. Employing Internet skills including smart searches, how to evaluate web resources, preparing students for effective online research, enhancing curriculum through virtual field trips, and using email, blogging, and discussion boards to enhance students’ writing and promote collaboration, teachers will infuse English Language Arts skills by using technology as a tool for instruction. Teachers will apply these instructional strategies and resources to differentiate instruction as they create their own classroom-based projects designed to improve student achievement. They will learn to modify curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners, design learning experiences that promote self-directed, reflective learning, and integrate multimedia projects seamlessly throughout the curriculum, linking technology to classroom practice.

Recommended Sequence:

  1. How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom
  2. Web Tools for the Classroom
  3. Making the Most of Web 2.0 in the Classroom