Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Skills To Students -- P9-55-F10: Session 3
(Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Skills To Students: Session 3)

Facilitated by a veteran NYC teacher, this course examines the skills and actions students need to acquire a healthy lifestyle. Students who lead a healthy lifestyle grow and develop healthily, improve their concentration at school, improve their coordination, balance and strength, maintain a healthy weight, and are bright and active. These students are more likely to have a conscientious work attitude, demonstrate increased school productivity, and exhibit improved student learning. Through readings and interactive discussion, topics such as nutrition, physical activity, outside influences of peer pressure and media influence, addictions, emotional wellness, online safety, risky behavior, decision making, creating a healthy lifestyle plan and the role of the school in promoting a healthy lifestyle, will be explored . Participants explore healthy lifestyle behaviors, as well as learn and share differentiated strategies and best practices for enabling students to internalize healthy lifestyle choices and apply them in their daily lives.